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Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!
Forget what you can get and see what you can give

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Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!
Forget what you can get and see what you can give.

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Give a little. Change a lot.

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!
Forget what you can get and see what you can give.

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You Have Two Hands One To Help Yourself the Second To Help Others

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The Goal Of Fundrising Is To Give A Help To Helpless People.

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Recent Causes

Most Recent Three Causes

Critical Brain Disease

Help People  Who Are Trouble Wit

Goal: 35000

Raised: 4000

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Second Charity

Helpless Mother Is Struggling To Save

Goal: 30000

Raised: 25000

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Cancer Patient

Deadly Cancer Is Snatching Away State

Goal: 45000

Raised: 55000

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About Us

Crowdfunding can be a quick and easy way to meet unanticipated, pressing needs. Today, anyone with a smartphone can participate in making a difference with great ease. More and more people are now raising funds online to tackle emergencies more efficiently. Increasing digital access and the convenience of online payments are driving more and more Indians to take the digital route to mobilize greater support for urgent needs on time.

India’s private healthcare spending is estimated at $90 billion a year. Of this, about $60 billion is out-of-pocket: from savings, borrowings and support from friends and family. This is where crowdfunding plays a role, bridging the gap, and making it easy to both ask for and render financial assistance.

People have always turned to their friends, family and communities at a time when a significant amount of money is required to deal with urgent medical crises.

Recent Stories

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Fight For Life

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Tanu's Story2 Year's Old

Story 2nd Data

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3 Year's Old Baby

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Frequently Ask Questioon

Ans. Sath Sath is not an NGO. We are a mission-driven company where social impact and self-sustainability are our primary goals. In order to scale Sath Sath and reach as many families as possible, we’ve raised capital & resources from social investors to fund our technology, field operations and other long-term expenditures. Our goal is to be a self-sustainable organization.We charge basic 5% platform fee for our operational and overhead expenses.
Ans. Most people use OPEN to raise money for themselves, for friends and family, for their favorite charity and for causes of national importance. These include crowdfunding for charities, medical expenses of friends and family, education needs, volunteering and fellowships, neighbourhood, emergencies, natural disasters, sports, documentaries, rural development, arts, and animal rescue projects to name a few. Start raising money now >>
Ans. Yes! You Can direct bank transfer through NEFT, that gets mapped to the crowdfunding campaign organizers account. To avail direct transfer, kindly drop us a line at feedback.
Ans. We Listed Your name In crowdfunding campaign's Member List.
Ans. Yes! You can contribute via cheque from your doorstep to any campaign you wish to.

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